Rent-To-Own Program

Together, we can achieve homeownership!

Who can Apply for Rent-To-Own?


Self-employed face hurdles proving income for mortgage approval, despite financial stability
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You were told no by the banks

Denied due to credit score, affordability, or insufficient documentation? We will work with you to repair your situation and get approved
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Not enough down payment

While renting, we will craft a plan to save up for your down payment
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Bad Credit

Rent-to-Own offers a chance to rebuild credit while working towards homeownership, fostering financial stability
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Life events

Rent-to-Own provides stability, allowing you to rebuild after life's disruptions such as separation or divorce with confidence and security
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You are newcomer to Canada

Rent-to-Own opens doors for newcomers, offering a pathway to homeownership despite initial financial constraints
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Rent-To-Own Process

Customers reviews

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time as tenants at the property and would like to express our gratitude for your prompt attention to any maintenance issues and your professionalism throughout the duration of our stay. I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for your understanding. It has been a pleasure residing in your property, and we are thankful for your professionalism and responsiveness throughout our tenancy. I wish you continued success as a landlord.
Marry & Caleb
Before meeting Caroline and Oscar, we had an investor who was making the rent to own process stressful. When we met the investors of ORCCA properties, They made us feel welcome and helped us to move the process along as we had already found a home.
We are thankful for them and the opportunity to rent-to-own this place that we call home.
Amanda & Brent V
Oscar and Carolina, thank you for including me on this journey.
Your philosophy ii dealing with clients is inspirational.
Melisa P

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